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If you wish to advertise your business in the easiest and most cost-effective way, offering your products and services to the largest possible targeted audience, you are in the right place! Consider the advantages outlined below!

Why should I advertise my business on Property Malta Direct?

For starters: Effectiveness. Whatever you are selling or whatever service you are offering, your advert will appear in front of your audience's eyes in their homes, places of work, etc at any time of day - No purchase necessary!

Secondly: Targeting. Property Malta Direct is about property - property in Malta and Gozo. It's not about fishing, football, or Iraq. Each view of your advert is selective, people don't come here for the any of the preceding, or the lotto results, they come here for the property and they also have an interest in Malta. So if your business has a generic Maltese audience, and even better if it is in any way property related, people who view your ad are much more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Thirdly: Price. We don't print anything, we don't distribute. We don't pay for airtime, or expensive licenses. We don't suffer these costs, and we therefore do not pass them on to you. Internet advertising is taking an ever increasing share of companies' advertising budget, and for good reason. Those companies with enough vision to realise this, especially those in sectors which might initially be considered unlikely to benefit, currently are and will be going places. Those which don't, will in future kick themselves for "missing the boat" or at the very minimum will need a lot of catching up. Don't be left out!

Fourth: Results based delivery. Related to price - our method of serving ads means that you are only charged each time an ad is actually viewed. Not per day, or per month. But per viewing. So no need to listen to any incredible claims that some make about the number of visitors to their site, and who then proceed to sell you banners on a time-based charging schedule. With us, you only pay for the ads that have been viewed, per viewing. If we have a quiet week, you pay less, if we have a busy week, your ad gets more exposure and you (willingly) pay more for the improved results you will get.

What does all this cost?

  • We have industry-low rates depending on the number of impressions you buy / your budget. You can start off with a budget of just 100.00 or you can spend more and enjoy lower rates per impression. Contact us and we'll fill you in, we are very flexible!

How do I contact you?

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